Grant Support

There is an urgent need to better comprehend the pathobiology of COVID-19, its clinical implications and the threat of other novel viruses. This is the foundation of the American Lung Association’s inaugural COVID-19 and Respiratory Virus Research Award helping to advance research against emerging respiratory pathogens.

Announcing Our Awardees

The awardees for the COVID-19 and Respiratory Virus Research Award are funded at $100,000 a year for two years, these awards are exploring important avenues to reduce the burden experienced due to this virus:

  • Exploring bold new approaches to treatment, such as developing antibodies to attack the virus, and using nanoparticles to help deliver agents to kill the virus.
  • Understanding the complex immune response of the body to the virus; in the early stages of infection the virus seems capable of "hiding" from a proper therapeutic immune response; in the late stages the body's immune response can be excessive leading to massive and fatal lung inflammation.

These areas of focus—the immune system’s response, how the virus causes pathology and applying public health to help identify risk factors and how to reduce community spread—are important lynchpins in the ability to reduce the burden of COVID-19 in the U.S.

The Lung Association continues to fund innovative research through our annual awards and grants program which can include COVID-19 work (ALA, 2020).