Student Opportunities

Academic Service Learning

Academic service provides opportunity to experience and connect undergraduate course learning outcomes to real world public health efforts. Students engage in community and/or campus based activities related to public health.

American Lung Assocation of Oregon, Winter Qtr 2021.

Students worked with development coordinator to market Reach the Beach event. Students conducted social marketing research about cycling/cyclers, Portland Oregon, and program history. Materials were developed and presented to the ALA of Oregon. 

American Lung Assocation - Keys to Prevention Study, Winter Qtr 2022.

Nineteen students worked collaboratively to create chart graphs to represent the data collected in each of the three Keys to Prevention survey waves.  The resulting data report was shared with study partners.

Culminating Experiences

The Public Health Culminating Experiences provides an opportunity for students to reflect upon, integrate, and demonstrate knowledge and skills from their undergraduate experiences to a final presentation of their applied public health project.

Students  integrate knowledge and skills from undergraduate experience - such as American Lung Assocation - Keys to Prevention Study - as it relates to the students' applied public health project.  

Graduate Capstone in Public Health

Students prepare a traditional research thesis or a practice-based project which may include involvement with current Public Health research projects at Central Washington University.

Lascano, Hannah, "Exploring Agricultural Worker Self-Efficacy During a COVID-19 Delta Variant Surge and Adverse Environmental Conditions" (2022).All Master's Theses. 1767. -Available for download onFriday, July 14, 2023

Public health workforce training

A telephone survey training and implimentation program for Wave I of the research study was created using monies from the American Lung Association grant funding.   


American Lung Assocation - Keys to Prevention Study, Winter Qtr 2021.

Public health students were employed to conduct household telephone-based surveys using dual-frame random-digit dial series (DFRDD)

Public Health Field work and Research

The Keys to Prevention team offers periodic learning opportunities for undergraduate and graduate level students. If you are interested in a field experience or mentored research project, please contact for more information.