The foundation of the American Lung Association’s inaugural COVID-19 and Respiratory Virus Research Award helping to advance research against emerging respiratory pathogens.  The awardees for the COVID-19 and Respiratory Virus Research Award are funded at $100,000 a year for two years, these awards are exploring important avenues to reduce the burden experienced due to this virus:

  • Exploring bold new approaches to treatment, such as developing antibodies to attack the virus, and using nanoparticles to help deliver agents to kill the virus.
  • Understanding the complex immune response of the body to the virus; in the early stages of infection the virus seems capable of "hiding" from a proper therapeutic immune response; in the late stages the body's immune response can be excessive leading to massive and fatal lung inflammation.

These areas of focus—the immune system’s response, how the virus causes pathology and applying public health to help identify risk factors and how to reduce community spread—are important lynchpins in the ability to reduce the burden of COVID-19 in the U.S. The Lung Association continues to fund innovative research through our annual awards and grants program which can include COVID-19 work (ALA, 2020).  

Established in 1968, the Central Washington University Foundation (CWU Foundation) is an independent but university affiliated, privately governed nonprofit corporation whose mission is to support Central Washington University.

Having an independent, nonprofit foundation results in greater fundraising efficiencies and benefits for the University by assuring proper stewardship of private gifts, providing flexibility and responsiveness, managing assets strategically, engaging volunteers as informed advocates, and ensuring confidentiality of donor records.

Private gifts are an important revenue source that allows the university to attract and retain the best and brightest faculty, provide scholarships, build first-class facilities, and continue the quality education and research programs that are the hallmark of Central Washington University.

The Yakima Health District is the oldest health district in the nation and has a proud tradition of providing public health services to people living in, working in and visiting Yakima County for over 100 years.

In partnership with the people of Yakima County, the Yakima Health District provides prevention, education, and disease control services to promote, protect, and enhance the health and safety of all.

Providing robust disaster mitigation, response, recovery, and public outreach to our member jurisdictions to prepare, prevent, plan, respond, and recover from emergencies. The Yakima Valley Office of Emergency Management develops, maintains, and implements plans and procedures to coordinate emergency operations in cooperation with governmental, non-governmental, and private sector partners.

The mission of the Central Washington University School of Graduate Studies and Research is to promote a diverse community of scholars among students and faculty, and to encourage the advancement of knowledge through innovation, research, creative expression, and service within its array of programs leading to graduate degrees and certificates.

Graduate students conduct scholarship by working closely with faculty mentors, enhancing both the quality and productivity of CWU’s research and creative expression, and gain knowledge and skills essential to their professional success. Graduate student projects also provide opportunities for undergraduate participation in research and creative expression. The high quality and productivity of scholarship at CWU enhances external grant funding rates, and leads to successful dissemination of scholarship results to professionals, the general public, and policy makers, thereby addressing critical state and national challenges.